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Cine a ilustrat trilogia “The Order of the Lion”?

"Gil Hough was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised on the waters of Lake St. Clair, spending the majority of his youth reading and boating. After graduating from Grand Valley State University, where he mostly studied his love of the sport of rowing, he left for various adventures, which included several years of non-violent reconciliation work in Northern Ireland through the Brethren Volunteer Service, working with refugees from Central America seeking political asylum and teaching English as a second language in Torreon, Mexico.
Gil settled in Knoxville, Tennessee where he resides today. After spending four years organizing Appalachian communities, he worked as the Tennessee Director of Renewable Programs at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, until he moved on to developing renewable energy projects with Restoration Services, Inc. He is a founding member of TenneSEIA (Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association) where he serves as the Executive Director, advocating for the orderly and sustained development of solar energy.
In his spare time he likes to tell stories including his epic fantasy series The Order of the Lion and his paranormal thriller series The Throne of Hearts.

Rodregas is a guard for an Immortalist Sorcerer. The Immortalist consume the magical energies of living beings to become gods. Rodregas reaches a point where even though it will mean his death, he fights back. His prayer for help from the Celestial Gods is answered, and his death becomes his transformation. With this second opportunity at life, he chooses to redeem himself by fighting the evil sorcerers that he formerly served.
With Doi’van, a massive Hellborn warrior and Imeraldä, a young but powerful elemental Magi, at his side, he struggles to find a way to fight the powerful sorcerers. But, it will require more than skill and luck to survive; he needs to find a way to change the odds in his favor. For Rodregas to take on the most powerful beings in the land, he needs to turn his second chance into a new beginning.
Rodregas’ actions against the Immortalists thrust him into a much larger battle between the Celestial, Infernal and Elemental Gods.

Doi’van, a Hellborn Prince of the Orqui, helps his friends, Rodregas and Imeraldä, in a quest to find the sword Caladfwlch The Sword of the First Dawn. He quickly finds that his heritage might cause the group their biggest challenge. The local Orqui tribe of Deep River holds the secret to finding the sword, but will not share it with a foreign prince.
Only the sword has the power to stop the Immortalist Sorcerers from breaking The First Law and starting a war between the Gods and the Daemon Lords. As Doi’van embraces his heritage and discovers the secret to his full power, his success might cause him to lose what he holds most dear.
For Doi’van to bring victory against the most powerful beings in the land he must turn his search for the sword into the start of something far greater.

Emeraldä is chosen by Mother Gaea as the new EArth Dragon. But she starts with little of the raw power of an Elemental Dragon as the vast might of the last EArth Dragon was stolen by the Goddess Blodeuwald and the Daemon Lord Ghagiel in their bid to rule the three realms.
She returns to her family home to rest and adjust to her new responsibilities. But the Immortalist Sorcerers are gathering an immense army and are heading to destroy the last hope of mortal kind. It is up to her and her lovers, the human Paladin Rodregas and the Hellborn Doi’van to turn the tide against impossible odds.

Fans of Game of Thrones will not be disappointed in the Lady Dragon!"

Ceea ce este remarcabil e faptul că excelentele coperte ale celor trei volume au fost desenate de compatriotul nostru TUDOR POPA!

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